Art & Architecture

At Swiss Re, art and architecture translate into inspiration - every day. Over decades, art and architecture have become a dynamic visual expression of our corporate identity. And we engage in both: to create an emotional profile, to establish a link to society and to offer great identification for employees around the world.

Where people work, meet, think and succeed, our art and architecture play a vital role. Both stimulate dialogue amongst employees, clients and visitors. Further, dialogue is also fostered between the visible architecture and our distinct art concepts, especially when art is commissioned and tied closely into the architectural structure.

Our contemporary art collection is renowned and one of the most impressive corporate collections worldwide. In addition, we are proud that our office architecture is viewed in some locations as iconic city landmarks. But, most importantly, art and architecture are genuinely embedded in our corporate culture and underpin our commitment to offering a stimulating working environment, bringing diversity to life.

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Artwork: ©  Guyton\Walker, Untitled, 2013 – 2017

Image: ©  Stefan Altenburger, 2017