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Blog ?Countries must seize the opportunity to build back better

Jerome Jean Haegeli Group Chief Economist

Blog ?How we - the insurance industry - can help build a more resilient world in the wake of COVID-19

Moses Ojeisekhoba Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance

Blog ?Answering life's tough questions in the middle of a pandemic

Marianne Gilchrist Head Globals & L&H South Asia

Blog ?Weathering the storm – crisis lessons for climate resilience

Urs Baertschi Chief Executive Officer Reinsurance EMEA / Regional President EMEA

Blog ?Why infrastructure investing in emerging markets is more critical than ever

Jerome Jean Haegeli Group Chief Economist

Blog ?A constant dialogue around emerging risks is the basis for effective risk management

Patrick Raaflaub Group Chief Risk Officer

Blog ?Five ways behavioural insights can improve COVID tracking apps

Francesca Tamma Head Behavioural Research

Blog ?Investing towards a resilient world

Guido Fürer Group Chief Investment Officer

Blog ?Beyond COVID-19: Three paths to a sustainable future

Mike Mitchell Head P&S Underwriting Reinsurance